Food for Thought on Badgers…

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If watching the above video makes you feel strongly about the issues discussed then you may wish to sign the petition here.

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9 responses to “Food for Thought on Badgers…

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    The facts about, brutal farmers, badgers, culling and TB.

  2. This is great! I’m going now to post a link to it on my own blog, where I’ve written several times before about the badger/TB story.

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  4. I remember when I was in the UK in the 90`s the government had a cull of several thousand Badgers. This seemed very strange as the government were the ones that oulawed the killing of Badgers. Most of the Badgers that I have seen have been road kill. I am very interested in the small wildlife in the UK but found it difficult following and photographing Badgers as they were very scarce around Maidstone. There were however many Foxes of different colours, the Red Fox being my favourite.

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