Struggle to save stricken seabirds continues


The mystery substance found on hundreds of seabirds washed up on the south coast is a “mixture of refined mineral oils”, says the Environment Agency.

Wildlife experts have warned many more birds could be affected by the waxy substance. Hundreds of birds were found on beaches from Sussex to Cornwall on Thursday. Environment Minister Richard Benyon said: “Every effort is being made to identify the cause of this problem. I’d like to thank everyone involved in helping the seabirds affected and it’s thanks to their efforts that many have been cleaned up and now have a chance of survival.”

The total rescue count so far is 162 alive and rescued, but 200 are dead, including a juvenile puffin, a fulmar and 3 razorbills. It is thought the substance may have been dumped into the English Channel by a ship. Most birds have been found in Dorset but others are appearing in Sussex, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall.

3 responses to “Struggle to save stricken seabirds continues

  1. This is too horrible to comprehend! I saw it in the news yesterday and was so angered. I really admire the rescue teams for their efforts and with them all the best. I was going to say “I hope those responsible for the ‘substance’ leak will be found and punished” but, unfortunately, I don’t think it is going to happen. What do we do with our planet?!

  2. Reblogged this on Alla Casa Burgunda and commented:
    I simply cannot believe that people are selfish and ignorant enough to even allow such catastrophes to happen, let alone cause them. I often think ours would be a perfect planet, were it not for our meddling.

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