Get on your bike and pedal for the planet!


It’s nearly time for the 2013 Big Green Bike Ride, which is a great way to raise funds for Friends of the Earth.

This year’s ride starts on Saturday, 27 April, and the 85 mile route will take you from the hustle and bustle of London, through the country lanes of Surrey and Hampshire, to the New Forest.

The next day will be spent exploring the heather-covered heath, farmland, ancient woodland and mudflats of the beautiful corner of the countryside. If you need any training tips, the Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Gold MBE is supporting the event and has written a blog on the Friends of the Earth website which is well worth a read.

3 responses to “Get on your bike and pedal for the planet!

  1. Ahh if I had of heard about this sooner I would have been well up for it, a bit too much for me to fork out now after buying loads of Australia books and maps. It’s definitely going in the diary for next year! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Houdini and commented:
    As it starts to get above 35 degrees in Milwaukee, I am finding my outdoor activities increasing. As part of pedal for the planet, I would like to try to ride my bike to work everyday for the spring and summer. Yesterday, I rode 5 miles, ran 3 miles, and walked 2 – total 10 miles.

    Good luck to you and your Big Green Bike Ride!

  3. A great event for a worthy cause – wish I could be there.

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