London rally calls for end to badger cull

About 2,000 people held a rally in London yesterday as licences to cull badgers came into force in two areas.

Up to 5,094 badgers can now be culled in west Somerset and west Gloucestershire. Groups of farmers in the two pilot zones have been given licences to conduct culls using trained marksmen to shoot the animals.

The rally was led by ex-Queen guitarist, Brian May, who delivered a near-250,000 signature petition to Downing Street calling for the cull to be scrapped. He said: “The great bit of new information is it has now been demonstrated that the cull cannot make economic sense. It will lose the taxpayer money rather than save it.

“That was really the last shred of reason that you could give for this cull going ahead. It is a very good time for Mr Cameron to reconsider and withdraw from this monstrous cull, in the public interest.”


6 responses to “London rally calls for end to badger cull

  1. Fingers crossed that common sense prevails over pandering to the lobby that would rather shoot badgers than clean their own act up.

  2. Oh, good Lord! It is as bad as the U.S.!

  3. Reblogged this on Pete's Favourite Things and commented:
    Brian may commented the other day that the leading supporters of the cull sem unwilling to debate the subject with him. This was certainly true on Radio 5 the other morning when the supporter was on and then the presenter asked him to stay as they now had Brian May on the phone. he muttered something about ‘Got to be somewhere else’ and rapidly departed the studio. Are they frightened that their arguments wont stand up to scrutiny? Hardly surprising really. As someone else said a classic case of political need triumphing over scientific fact.

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