Weird and wonderful whitebeams

Woodland Matters

With all the doom and gloom of Chalara ash dieback and other tree pests and diseases, it was encouraging to read this week that scientists have made a step forward in attempts to save Scotland’s most endangered tree, the Catacol whitebeam.

Sorbus pseudomeincichii was first recorded in 2007, with only two specimens found on the Isle of Arran, one of which has since died. Attempts to grow the tree, from seed, or to graft it onto rowan rootstock, met with failure, but now a plant has finally been grown from a cutting. Eventually, enough cuttings may be grown on to keep the lonely Arran tree company.

The UK’s native whitebeams are a funny collection of species. They include all 12 British native tree species recorded as endangered in the World Conservation Monitoring Centre’s List of Threatened Trees. Vulnerable to grazing, they’re found mostly in steep, inaccessible places, and are…

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