English corncrake news

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This video is called The corncrake (Crex Crex).

From Wildlife Extra:

Corncrakes released onto Nene Washes to boost English population

Three Tenors‘ Hit the Stage at the Nene Washes

July 2013. ‘The ‘Three Tenors’, a trio of male corncrakes, are performing at the RSPB‘s Nene Washes nature reserve in Cambridgeshire, in an initiative aimed at expanding the breeding population of this scarce UK species which is the subject of a reintroduction programme in England.

Retired from breeding programme

The three birds, affectionately named the ‘Three Tenors’ by staff at the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT), are, in the best operatic tradition, males of European origin. The birds have been retired from the current captive breeding programme which is seeking to re-establish a breeding population in England following its extinction as a regular breeding bird in the 1980s. Their voices, rather than their genes, are…

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  1. Fascinating stuff, Thanks for posting the link.

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