Stop the badger slaughter and save British wildlife

Exposing the Big Game

Stop the badger slaughter and save British wildlife

Why this is important

In England, badgers are facing a scary predicament. Thousands of them have been sentenced to death.

The UK government believe that reducing their numbers will help stop the spread of a disease called bovine tuberculosis (TB). But they’re wrong.

Last year, a coalition of scientists told the government the badger cull would be ineffective at stopping the spread of this disease. In fact, they even think it’s likely to make things worse:

“As scientists with expertise in managing wildlife and wildlife diseases, we believe the complexities of tuberculosis transmission mean licensed culling risks increasing cattle TB rather than reducing it.”

Celebrities as far reaching as Queen guitarist Brian May, David Attenborough, Ricky Gervais, and Chris Packham have expressed their disgust at what seems to be the government’s way of appeasing farmers.

The public is finally realising that the government’s policy of killing…

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3 responses to “Stop the badger slaughter and save British wildlife

  1. It seems like I have been commenting on this cull everywhere for ever, starting with my homeland in Wales. I am now out of expletives for this morally redundant Government and have come to realise in my old age that, no matter what the people think or say, the people that we were hoodwinked into electing, will do whatever they want to do, no matter what. Unfortunately, I have very little hope for the future of wildlife, and my grandchildren are going to miss out on the great outdoors. They will only have books and films to look back at the wonderful life that I had when I was there age.

  2. Reblogged this on Mark Goodwin Photography and commented:
    For what it is worth, please reblog. If there is just one tiny thing we can do to stop the slaughter of these innocent animals.

  3. God, I thought Bush here in the U.S. (and he was)…

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