No, There Is No “Pause” In Global Warming, And Here’s Why

Blog of Ryan Konky

Written by Ryan Konkolewski

greenhouse gasesThe latest assessment for climate change by the IPCC has done little to deter the misinformation of climate change deniers.  Particularly, in the UK media like the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, they have claimed the ice cap had increased, apparently proving we are in a period of global cooling. 

Even UKIP’s Nigel Farage got in the act, trying to use the images from the Daily Mail story to “debunk” climate change.  This is despite that this is sea-ice, not ice-cap and year-on-year changes are changes of weather and not climate.

They, especially the Daily Mail as well as right-wing media such as the US media outlet Breitbart, have continued this denial, claiming we are still in a period of cooling when science says this simply isn’t the case.

One study that was conducted in 2011 by Foster and Rahmstorf, shows global…

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