Woods for health

Woodland Matters

In an era of ever increasing concern about our nation’s physical and mental health, we strongly believe that trees and woodland can play a key role in delivering improved health & wellbeing at a local level. At the same time, the Health & Social Care Act 2012 has passed much of the responsibility for health & wellbeing to upper-tier and unitary local authorities.

Although the relationship between the natural environment and health is a complex one, it is now widely accepted that green infrastructure – such as trees, woods and forests – can help people feel better[i]. Increasing evidence shows how woodland can help encourage more active lifestyles and alleviate the symptoms of some of our most debilitating conditions such as dementia, obesity, heart disease and mental health problems.

This link between woodland and health is now firmly embedded in national Government policy for health, planning and forestry:

  • Health: “

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One response to “Woods for health

  1. There have already been too many trees and woodl;and cut down in the UK. As I have reported in my books ‘This Garden Earth’ and ‘vandals In The Garden’, Tree give us much of the oygen we need to breathe, so, in effect, by cutting dowen trees and plants, we are effectively cutting off our own life support system. Trees also filter the air, helping combat pollution, and they pump excess water from the ground and transport it back into the atmosphere to fall as rain. There is more on our website:

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