Wild weather and a rubbish response

Science on the Land

Yesterday our British Met Office announced an incredibly wet January in parts of Southern England. Before the month was over, ‘the southeast and central southern England region has already had its wettest January in records going back to 1910.’

The downpours have caused terrible floods. A year ago, we knew this was going to happen.

One of the worst hit areas is the Somerset Levels. The Levels are in southwest England, also called the West Country. This year some land has been underwater for weeks already. We see residents on the news, telling us that ‘the Levels flood, but not like this. Drainage systems aren’t being maintained! Pay for our ruined homes and we’ll move away!’

As for the people whose livelihood is on the land, what are they supposed to do? My fellow blogger Ben Eagle at Thinking Country says that as floods continue on the…

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