Climate change blamed for storms

Storms continue to batter Britain

Huge waves batter Newhaven Lighthouse. Pic by Getty.

Scientists from the Met Office have described this winter as the wettest on record and have warned that the recent stormy weather could be linked to climate change.

In an open letter published in The Times and signed by weather experts, including the Met Office’s chief scientist Dame Julia Slingo, said the risk of flooding is increasing with global warming.

The letter  states: “We have looked at the potential influence of climate change and all the evidence from observations, theory and models which show that a warming world leads to more intense daily and hourly rainfall. When we add rising sea levels, then the risk to our communities from serious flooding and coastal inundation are increasing with climate change.”

5 responses to “Climate change blamed for storms

  1. 100% agreed..Co2 holds too much water vapor which results in all kind of bad weather..I live in tropical India and its rain and sleet this whole month when it should be little rain..Its raining more than average here year after year.

  2. I see you did not post my entry and that is not surprising but you know what? Truth or at least contradictory evidence cannot be suppressed.

    • Nothing’s been suppressed Foghorn, I welcome all views. You’re just looking at the wrong post. It was the one above, about Seabirds, that you commented on.

      • Well thanks because I am a Meteorologist for around 30 years. Our understanding of climate and weather are impeccable if we are any good,

        People like Gore and Kyoto and so on are talking heads. There is no way they have accumulated enough data.

        Keep in mind we have ocean currents, long and short wave patterns, upper air influences including vorticity and gravity wave to consider.

        Then we have to assess how an airmass changes over time. We need to know the Global state of our atmosphere and the sheer volatility of this 3 and possibly four dimensional airmass.

        Then we have techtonics with upwelling warm waters and volcanoes that thrust ash and can affect climate for decades.

        And sunspots have been shown to cause droughts in some areas along with El Nino and La Nina. Trust me, we know the state of things and we know this is not Kyoto, the IPCC and Al Gore.

        To sum this up it may be a remarkable and record-setting event but is part of a whole. I am pretty sure we have no control over that sun and divots in the gravitational field. Put that together with matter/antimatter this is not some simple issue outside of us not polluting needlessly and where we do, we fix.

  3. Indeed Tim, copied below is a recent comment I left against a FWI video clip indicating the issues the farming fraternity are currently facing.

    The annual losses for farmers will continue if we don’t take Climate Change seriously. In the UK, 2010 saw the coldest December for 100 years. 2011 was the season of prolonged drought. 2012 saw the coolest and wettest Summer in years and 2013 provided us with the coldest Spring for 50 years. As these are also global issues, governments need to take all of this into account. Alongside this, there must be space for our wildlife to thrive alongside us.

    I’ve also posted up a recent blog which can be seen via the link below.

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