Save Britain’s Barn Owls


A petition has been launched to save Britain’s Barn Owls, which are dying off in their thousands. The changing climate and a loss in their natural habitat is part of the picture, but these iconic birds are also being killed by powerful rat poisons used on farms across the country.

In 2013 across Britain, the number of Barn Owl nests varied between 45 and 95% lower than normal. Changing climate and habitat loss is part of the picture but Barn Owls are also being killed by powerful rat poisons used on farms across the country. Indeed, the latest scientific research shows that 84% of Britain’s Barn Owls feed on poisoned prey. Some die as a direct result.

The Barn Owl Trust has launched a petition which calls on the Government Minister responsible for the review, Mike Penning, and the Health and Safety Executive to impose stricter controls on these powerful poisons, restricting where and how they are used and throwing a lifeline to our owls.

So please sign to stop the petition and help protect one of the best-loved symbols of Britain’s wildlife.


Pic: The Barn Owl Trust

13 responses to “Save Britain’s Barn Owls

  1. among the most magnificent creatures

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    Please Sign the petition to help protect these beautiful birds

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    Please read and sign the petition linked into this post!

  4. Slowly creation is dying. It saddens me yet for t he goodness of others, we lose ground. We must continue to fight just the same so somewhere somehow our love for creation is made known like a beacon in the night.

  5. Do you happen to know which poisons are blamed? I’m thinking that it could be difenacoum and bromadiolone, also known as ‘second generation’ rat poisons. I wrote about rat poison rules nearly a year ago but I don’t know whether those particular poisons are killing our barn owls.

    • Yes, that’s right. The Barn Owl Trust calls them ‘second generation anticoagulant rodenticides’ (SGARs), so it looks like the same poisons.

      Best wishes

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