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Photography awards raise wildlife awareness


Fox Glance by Samuel Morris

There’s still time to enter the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014, which aim to raise awareness about British wildlife and celebrate our national heritage.

Winners and commended entrants will have their work showcased in a touring exhibition and stunning book. The awards will be presented by TV presenter Chris Packham, who said: “Anything that raises the public’s awareness of the importance to conserve and protect British wildlife is very close to my heart, and these awards afford a spectacular insight into the habitat and behaviour of our British wildlife.”

Entry is free for young people and the first prize is £5,000. The competition is open until midnight on Saturday, 3 May, and the winners will be announced in September.


Pic by George Karbus, last year’s overall winner.


Schools celebrate Biology Week with assemblies about wasting food

Schools around the UK celebrated Biology Week 2013 yesterday with assemblies about food waste, starting with an animated video produced for the event. UK households throw away 20% of the food they buy, and pupils will consider how we can reduce this huge wastage.

The animation was produced by the Society of Biology in partnership with Global Food Security, and is accompanied by notes about why we waste food and how we can reduce this. Food waste has been a theme of Biology Week 2013, and Professor Tim Benton, Global Food Security champion, spoke about the issue at a Parliamentary reception on Wednesday.

Dr Mark Downs, Chief Executive of the Society of Biology, says: “The volume of food we waste is staggering; collectively, households annually throw away 4.1 million tonnes of waste that could be avoided if people knew how to manage waste better. Young people are vital in tackling the problem, as consumers, and as the scientists, farmers, retailers and policy makers of tomorrow.

“We started Biology Week as a celebration of the life sciences, and biology’s contribution to reducing food waste – whether this is preventing loss of crops to pest and disease, or ensuring food stays safe for longer – is certainly something to celebrate.”

Growing the Future: a policy perspective

Woodland Matters

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the happy occasion of the 6 millionth tree of the Jubilee Woods project being planted at Ashburnham Primary School in London. This was done by HRH Princess Anne with the Prime Minister in attendance. 

One of the key messages we wanted to get across that memorable day, was the links between environmental education, a sense of well-being and the development of responsible future citizens with a strong sense of stewardship for the natural world. In fact, the enormous and obvious enthusiasm of the children for planting and making the most of their school grounds spoke for itself that day.

But its worth noting that there is plenty of evidence to back those links up.

For example, OFSTED’s 2008 study Learning outside the classroom: How far should you go?evaluated the impact of learning outside the classroom in 27 schools and colleges across England. This…

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