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WILDLIFE : British water vole population slumps by more than one-fifth, survey finds


A wildlife friend of mine – Allen Beechey – in the spotlight for ‘fighting the good fight! 

From the Guardian : The crystal-clear water races over the stones, a heron cries and the smell of wild mint rises on the warm air.

But there is one thing missing from this bucolic scene: the telltale swish of the reeds or sudden liquid plop that betrays a water vole.

The creature immortalised as Ratty in The Wind in the Willows is vanishing from the British countryside, with the population slumping by more than one–fifth, according to a new five-year survey.

On the banks of the River Chess in the Chilterns, Allen Beechey of the Chiltern Conservation Board has no doubt about the culprit: American mink – escapees from fur farms with a voracious appetite for water voles.

“I saw a mink in broad daylight last month trying to scrag a couple…

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